Piece a Cake Media


Making it manageable.

Communications assessments

Have you always done the same things for marketing and communications because that’s all you have time to do? We’ll help you take a step back, assess the effectiveness of your current plan, and make changes to your plan that bolster your business goals and meet your budget.

website creation

Having a website is critical, even if it’s very basic. Small businesses, non-profits, and the self-employed should have access to web services that support their business plan and are in line with their budget. We build simple, elegant websites at an affordable price.


communications plans

No plan at all? We’ll help you make one, and help you implement it without overwhelming your schedule.

social media coaching

As you build your social media presence and implement your digital strategy, hire us as an as-needed coaching staff, or to help you plan a specific campaign.

Digital strategy

We can get you going with a start-up strategy, or help you create long term goals with measurable milestones, mentoring your team so that you can better respond to challenges and opportunities.

email marketing

We can help you with email-marketing strategy and set-up.